22.08.2016 - Visit of Ricefarmers

Uma Devi Mayal from India and Botan Saenmi from Thailand are rice farmers in the sustainability project 'fair & good'. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Reismühlenbrunnen they reported personally about their work and told how their life had changed through the project. They also had the opportunity to visit a Swiss organic farm. The exchange with Vreni and Alfred Spaltenstein from Natur-Ernteland Spaltenstein in Kloten was very interesting for both parties.


02.06.2020 Orangenessig

Our innovative and tasty orange vinegar is now available in the Coop assortment. Its fruity note blends in ideally with summer salads.

09.04.2020 The Rice-Silo in Brunnen- solid as a rock

Visually, our rice silo in Brunnen is not a beautiful work of art, but it is extremely useful during these turbulent times. Reismühle Brunnen/ Nutrex is part of the national economic supply of Switzerland. The silo building, which has 177 cells and is made of reinforced concrete, has a capacity of 21'000 tons. The building stores the compulsory stockpiles as well as our free stocks, thus guaranteeing the supply. Thanks to our long-standing relationships and partnerships, we continue to receive the raw materials for our good products, even in the current situation.

This enables us to ensure the accustomed production process despite the extraordinary situation. Thanks to our stockkeeping and our great team, we can flexibly cover the additional demand of our customers.