22.08.2016 - Visit of Ricefarmers

Uma Devi Mayal from India and Botan Saenmi from Thailand are rice farmers in the sustainability project 'fair & good'. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Reismühlenbrunnen they reported personally about their work and told how their life had changed through the project. They also had the opportunity to visit a Swiss organic farm. The exchange with Vreni and Alfred Spaltenstein from Natur-Ernteland Spaltenstein in Kloten was very interesting for both parties.


06.10.2020 Hailstorms and Heavy Rain Destroy Paddy Fields in Italy

After two hailstorms have caused a lot of damage in northern Italy a few weeks ago, another weather-related issue is initiating more trouble for rice farmers. Piedmont in particular is deeply affected by the problems.

Due to heavy rain, numerous rivers have risen and flooded roads, houses and farms. The weather didn't spare the paddy fields, either, which resulted in swamped fields. At this point, the paddy fields are required to be dry for the harvesting process. Barely 30% of the rice was harvested and stored before the rain hit.

The extent and exact losses are not yet estimated. However, harvest will be delayed until November this year.

01.10.2020 16th October: World Food Day

Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex supports Terre des hommes.

Even though enough food is produced to feed everyone, there are still millions of children suffering from hunger, according to the WHO. For over 60 years, Terre des hommes is committed to give children all over the world a better and safer future.

For example, Terre des hommes has built numerous biosocial gardens in India, to offer local families the option to buy food that is high quality, affordable and regrowing.

To learn more about the organization's visions and goals, visit their website.