22.08.2016 - Visit of Ricefarmers

Uma Devi Mayal from India and Botan Saenmi from Thailand are rice farmers in the sustainability project 'fair & good'. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Reismühlenbrunnen they reported personally about their work and told how their life had changed through the project. They also had the opportunity to visit a Swiss organic farm. The exchange with Vreni and Alfred Spaltenstein from Natur-Ernteland Spaltenstein in Kloten was very interesting for both parties.


10.03.2021 New Silos

Last week, our old silos, which had been in use since 1976, were dismantled. The replacement consists of new chrome steel silos, which are 13.5 meters high, 3 meters wide and weight about 3,5 tons. Each one of the silos can hold up to 74 cubic / 50 tons of rice.


24.12.2020 Reisemühle Brunnen/Nutrex Wishes Happy Holidays!

Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex wishes all of you happy holidays and a great start into the new year!