24.12.2020 - Reisemühle Brunnen/Nutrex Wishes Happy Holidays!

Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex wishes all of you happy holidays and a great start into the new year!

Reisemühle Brunnen/Nutrex Wishes Happy Holidays!

06.10.2020 - Hailstorms and Heavy Rain Destroy Paddy Fields in Italy

After two hailstorms have caused a lot of damage in northern Italy a few weeks ago, another weather-related issue is initiating more trouble for rice farmers. Piedmont in particular is deeply affected by the problems.

Due to heavy rain, numerous rivers have risen and flooded roads, houses and farms. The weather didn't spare the paddy fields, either, which resulted in swamped fields. At this point, the paddy fields are required to be dry for the harvesting process. Barely 30% of the rice was harvested and stored before the rain hit.

The extent and exact losses are not yet estimated. However, harvest will be delayed until November this year.

Hailstorms and Heavy Rain Destroy Paddy Fields in Italy

01.10.2020 - 16th October: World Food Day

Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex supports Terre des hommes.

Even though enough food is produced to feed everyone, there are still millions of children suffering from hunger, according to the WHO. For over 60 years, Terre des hommes is committed to give children all over the world a better and safer future.

For example, Terre des hommes has built numerous biosocial gardens in India, to offer local families the option to buy food that is high quality, affordable and regrowing.

To learn more about the organization's visions and goals, visit their website.

16th October: World Food Day

22.09.2020 - Linking Organic Farmers to World Markets

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation encouraging innovation in linking organic farmers to world markets. Proud farmers producing quality organic rice for environmentally conscious consumers. An investment from the Swiss Government, working with Swiss and Indian NGO’s together with the free market – all supporting organic farming families in remote parts of India.

Vidéo en français

Video in Deutsch

Linking Organic Farmers to World Markets

19.08.2020 - gusto21 – The Swiss championship for young aspiring chefs

Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex is one of the sponsors for the gusto21 cooking competition!

The gusto21 cooking competition is geared towards cooking apprentices in their second or third year of training. All participants are asked to cook a creative and delicious appetizer and a main course, which will be judged by a jury of experts. The winner of the competition is going to travel to Shanghai/Peking for two weeks, where he/she will get an exciting insight into Park Hyatt Hotel's kitchen.

More information about the competition can be found here:

Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex is wishing all competitors the best of luck!

gusto21 – The Swiss championship for young aspiring chefs

02.06.2020 - Orangenessig

Our innovative and tasty orange vinegar is now available in the Coop assortment. Its fruity note blends in ideally with summer salads.


09.04.2020 - The Rice-Silo in Brunnen- solid as a rock

Visually, our rice silo in Brunnen is not a beautiful work of art, but it is extremely useful during these turbulent times. Reismühle Brunnen/ Nutrex is part of the national economic supply of Switzerland. The silo building, which has 177 cells and is made of reinforced concrete, has a capacity of 21'000 tons. The building stores the compulsory stockpiles as well as our free stocks, thus guaranteeing the supply. Thanks to our long-standing relationships and partnerships, we continue to receive the raw materials for our good products, even in the current situation.

This enables us to ensure the accustomed production process despite the extraordinary situation. Thanks to our stockkeeping and our great team, we can flexibly cover the additional demand of our customers.


The Rice-Silo in Brunnen- solid as a rock

18.03.2020 - Biofach 2020

We were pleased to meet many of our customers and suppliers at the Biofach 2020 in Nuremberg. We highly appreciate the personal exchange with new and existing contacts. Besides our popular sustainable rice varieties and blends, we also presented our tasty organic vinegars. At the fair it is noticeable that Biofach is one of the top meeting points for sustainable products in Europe.

Biofach 2020

28.02.2020 - Carlos Rice Palace at the carnival 2020

Our long-time employee and head of silo Carlo Arioli is the honorary member and sponsor at the carnival 2020 in Brunnen. This makes him the fourth committed and generous carnivalist at the Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex. Our team has made and decorated a carnival caravan for the parade, the so-called 'Carlos Rice Palace' - a mini version of the building in which he works every day. The sunny day attracted many spectators. The rice and vinegar giveaways were gladly accepted by them.


Carlos Rice Palace at the carnival 2020

01.02.2020 - Participation at Biofach in Nuremberg

Biofach will take place in Nuremberg from 12-15 February 2020. We will be there as always and are happy to provide you with information about our rice and vinegar specialities. Please meet us in Hall 7A, Stand 365. We look forward to your visit!

Participation at Biofach in Nuremberg

29.08.2019 - New Website

We would like to present you our new website called Since Reismühle Brunnen and Nutrex merged in 2018, they now share one website as a logical step forward.

New Website

27.06.2018 - Activities Longgrain rice project Nanpara

We received news from our Longgrain and Basmati rice project in Nanpara/ Uttar Pradesh, India. Waterponds for irrigation have been built to prepare for the new rice season. The rice farmers and their families are happy about solar torches which were financed by Fairtrade premiums.

Activities Longgrain rice project Nanpara

06.06.2018 - TotalSense

TotalSense, developed by Bühler, is a low cost rice quality analysis solution. This product enables an objective, consistent and reliable analysis of every rice variety. Additionally, it stands for the first step to the digitalization of the Reismühle because the Totalsense-App immediately gives a report of the analysis. Please find a more detailed description in this 'Customer testimonial'- Video, which has been shooted at the Reismühle.


08.05.2018 - Rice Fund Surin

The cooperative 'Rice Fund Surin' in Thailand celebrates its 25 year existence. This cooperative is a partner of our 'fair&good' project since 2011. We are looking forward to our future partnership.
Our gift was a traditional swiss bell with a personal engraving.

Rice Fund Surin

24.04.2018 - Video of our Project in India

Recently, we have visited our basmati rice farmers in Uttarakhand, India together with Manuel Sager from the DEZA (Swiss Board of Development and Collaboration) and Reto Conrad the CEO of Coop. The main focus of our visit was the water project, which is supported by the DEZA and the Coop sustainability funds. This project is an important part of our basmatirice-project, which promotes the ecological use of water. Please find a more detailed description of the project in this new Coop video.

Video of our Project in India

05.04.2018 - 25 year anniversary of Coop naturaplan

Coop Naturaplan is celebrating its 25 year anniversary. This label stands for sustainable and environmentally friendly groceries. Many of our rice products are in organic and fairtrade quality and are available in the naturaplan- assortment.

25 year anniversary of Coop naturaplan

05.04.2018 - Sustainability projects in India

Reismühle Brunnen, Helvetas, Coop, DEZA and my climate support three projects in India in order to improve the living conditions and to facilitate the workaday life of the farmers. We engage in the organic rice project,  the waterproject and the biogas plant project. The waterproject and the organic rice project reduce the water use, increase the harvest net return and benefits the rice farmers. The biogas plants are advantageous because they produce organic dung and are environmentally friendly.

Sustainability projects in India

27.03.2018 - The first rice terraces in Switzerland

Reismühle Brunnen has grown the first rice terraces in Switzerland in collaboration with the Tropenhaus Wolhusen. You can learn more about rice, its different growing stages, its origin and its importance on a tour in the Tropenhaus. The rice is grown sustainably and water-saving.  We are happy to have been able to realise this project and give an insight in the daily life of our rice farmers in Asia.

The first rice terraces in Switzerland

07.03.2018 - Biofach

Thank you for you visit at our stand at the Biofach. We had interesting conversations and our cook made delicious rice-meals.

Our stand was completely new designed. We were very happy with the result and received positive feeedbacks.


26.02.2018 - Integration award

We are happy to announce that we have received the integration award 2018! We enable disabled people the re-integration into employment. The award show took place on the 10th of April.

Integration award

29.01.2018 - BioFach

We will once more be among the exhibitors of the BioFach in Nuremberg, which will take place from 14-17 February.  We would be delighted if you would visit us at the shared Naturland booth in Hall 6/stand 305. We are looking forward to many interesting discussions with you.


20.12.2017 - Introduction of Foodboard

The packages of Coop's own brands have been replaced by Foodboard. This is a cardboard with a barrier to prevent the migration of mineraloils and is therefore perfectly suitable for groceries. This new packages are 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Our goal is to fully switch our range in folding boxes to Foodboard.

Introduction of Foodboard

13.12.2017 - Reorganization of Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex

As of 1 January 2018, the two companies Reismühle Brunnen and Nutrex will be merged at the organizational level and will operate under the name Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex. The reason for the merger is the administrative optimization in the fields of sales, purchasing and quality management.

The administration will be based in Brunnen, Canton Schwyz. The two production sites will remain Busswil, Canton Berne, for vinegar, and Brunnen, Canton Schwyz, for rice. The Nutrex office in Busswil will be occupied until 30 April 2018 during the transitional phase.


Reorganization of Reismühle Brunnen/Nutrex

15.09.2017 - Nomination for the Responsible Business Award

The Ethical Corporation announces the winners of the Responsible Business Awards on the 16th October in London. The 'fair&good' project of the Reismühle Brunnen is in collaboration with Coop nominated for the 'Supplier Engagement of the Year Award'. The 'fair&good' project contributes largely to the improvement of the life- and work conditions of the 4'500 involved farmers in India and Thailand.

Nomination for the Responsible Business Award

31.08.2017 - Anuga fair in Cologne

The fair for food and beverages in Cologne takes place from October 7th to 11th. We will be there to present our company in general, our project 'fair&good' and our products. We are located in hall 10.2 at stand A-038. We are looking forward to meeting you! 

Anuga fair in Cologne

22.12.2016 - New Website

We are pleased to present our new website! Enjoy discovering our rice world ...

New Website

20.12.2016 - Season's Greetings

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Season's Greetings

26.08.2016 - 60 Years Celebration of Reismühle Brunnen

We celebrated our 60th anniversary together with our partners from all over the world. Suppliers, customers and the entire team of Reismühle Brunnen and their families had a fruitful exchange of ideas under the slogan "fair & good".

60 Years Celebration of Reismühle Brunnen

22.08.2016 - Visit of Ricefarmers

Ricefarmers of our project 'fair & good' in Thailand and India visit Swiss organic farmers.

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