Replacement of the Foldingboxes to Foodboard. This new cardboard prevents the migration of mineral oils, is recyclable and therefore environmental-friendly.


About 1.8 mio. Fairtrade consumer packs has been produced in 2015.

More than 3'500 farmers are now active in our projects in India and Thailand.


Reismühle Brunnen’s basmati rice is becoming ever more popular. Not just because of the Fairtrade and organic label, but also because of the excellent taste, independent experts now confirm. In future, Reismühle will be allowed to place the Bio Suisse gourmet bud label on its basmati rice.


Installation of a solar panel system covering an area of 870m2 and with a capacity of over 100,000 Kwh p.a. (to be fed into the public grid from 4 October 2011)

Launch of a sustainability project for rice production in India and Thailand focusing on combating poverty (fairtrade), organic cultivation, biodiversity, reduction of greenhouse gases and water management in the primary sector


Strategy revised with sustainability anchored in the mission statement and strategy


Conversion of lighting systems to movement sensor control


Obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification


Voluntary agreement with the Business Energy Agency (EnAW), an independent energy consultant

Launch of the third fairtrade rice product from India in a pilot project


Installation of system to recover heat from air compressors

Launch of the second fairtrade rice product from Thailand

World’s first rice mill with a social and ethical SA 8000 certificate


Expansion of electric storage heaters and conversion to heating from heat pumps

Launch of the first fairtrade rice product from Thailand


Introduction of the first organic rice variety


Purchase of new energy-efficient engines


Heating converted from oil to electric storage heaters